An automatic music tagging program
Latest Release: Version 0.0.2

id3tagr is an open-source GPL-licensed tagger for MP3 files. It looks up MP3s in the online MusicBrainz database and automatically tags them with the proper ID3v2 tags. It is currently a command-line only program, but binaries and GUIs for multiple operating systems are planned for the future.

    Looks up songs via the MusicBrainz database
    Writes correct ID3v2 tags to MP3 files
    Optionally automatically renames files based on proper tag information (in a future release)

id3tagr is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 3. For more information about what this license allows, see the GPL page.

See the SourceForge project page for news about id3tagr.


    Source Code
    Linux (32-bit) (future release)
    Linux (64-bit) (future release)
    Windows (future release)
    Mac OS (future release)

Mailing Lists

    id3tagr-releases: Register to be notified of a new binary or source release every time a release is made.

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    Bugs: file a bug report at the SourceForge Bug Tracker for id3tagr
    Technical Support: submit a request at the SourceForge Support Tracker for id3tagr

Contacting the Authors

To contact the authors, send an email to

Getting Involved
Interested in helping out? Submit a feature request at the SourceForge Feature Request Tracker if you've got an idea for a new feature, submit a patch on the SourceForge Patch Tracker if you've fixed something, or email and we'll get back to you about how you can help.

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